The School with a Challenge

Case #8
Trent is a small university located northeast of the GTA in Peterborough. They were competing with much larger schools such as Western, Queens, and McGill that enjoy deep pockets and big reputations. Trent needed a way to stand out, attract students and investment, and build reputation.
Trent had a more intimate teaching style compared to the big schools. Smaller colleges and classes where kids had one on one relationships with profs. Where they learned in an inclusive and collaborative environment. A large group of kids were intimidated by larger schools and ran the risk of getting lost in the crowd and becoming disengaged. Trent would appeal to these kids and their parents.
We asked everyone to “Challenge the way you think” about Trent as a school and about the way you learn. We crafted quirky and provocative ads that quickly captured the uniqueness of Trent. The campaign broke in the GTA using digital, outdoor, and print. The campaign has been highly embraced by alumni, staff, students, and prospective students. Within two years of launch Trent exceeded its fundraising goals and rose to #1 in enrollment growth.