The First Gym With a Social Conscience

Case #7
The Y GTA needed to grow its gym membership. Current members were families, kids and seniors. They were missing out on young adult gym goers. They saw us the Y as the place they took swimming lessons as a kid, not the trendy or cool place I want to work out at.
What they didn’t know is that the Y is a charitable organization doing more good, in more communities, for more people than any other organization. We leveraged that truth with a brand positioning of “the only gym with a social conscience.” Something that would resonate with our younger socially aware audience.
We used the universality of sweat to bring the platform to life. The creative idea tied your workout to all the social good the Y does. It told people the sweat you break here isn’t just for you, it’s for all of us. “Sweat for good” gave young gym goers a whole new reason to consider the Y.