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Our work culture is progressive, some would say family-like. It didn’t take a pandemic to convince us of the importance of work/life balance. Outposters have worked at agencies all around the world, but now call this naturally beautiful part of Ontario home. Only 100 km from Toronto, but a world apart in so many ways.

Account Manager

The account manager is the link between the client and the entire agency team. Along with their team the account manager acts as both the ambassador for the agency and as the client's representative within the agency. If you’ve demonstrated a passion and aptitude for this crucial kind of work within a solid ad agency environment, we’ve got some great clients to introduce you to.

Media Planner

You relish the opportunity to present new media opportunities to clients that really gets them jazzed. Maybe you’ve spent the last few years in a pure media agency and would love to experience an agency where our strategy, account, creative and media folks are a team, working together to build our clients’ businesses. Your analytical side loves slicing and dicing demographic and audience data. You want to bring your entrepreneurial spirt to explore the world of pharma and consumer advertising all in the same shop. If this would be a welcome change for you let’s start the conversation.

Medical Content Lead

Medical writers have that treasured gift of being able to distill the details of medical research, innovation and claims into language that resonates with audiences, while staying on-side from a legal and regulatory perspective. If you’re most at home using your writing and editing chops to create continuing educational resources and influence tools for medical professionals and patients, our client list could take your career development to the next level.

Proofreader/Copy Editor

You’ve always been a stickler for details and perfection. The phrase ‘error-free’ is music to your ears. If you’ve got experience fact-checking and editing content to make sure grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation are spot on, you’ve got our attention. If you’ve done this within fast-paced, communications-based workplaces like agencies or publications then we are more than just interested, and we should definitely talk.

Project Manager

The primary job of the project manager is to ensure deliverables make it to clients on time and within budget. It sounds simple when you put it in plain language like that. But getting that job done actually requires a lot of work. If you like to wear a bunch of different hats and handle a variety of tasks, this would be the perfect role for you.

Turn your career into an adventure. Let us introduce you to the Outpost.

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