DTC Rx in Canada: Our View from the Front

Unlike our American neighbours, pharma marketers in Canada have been slow to embrace the advertising of Rx medicines to consumers. That seems to be changing. But there’s not a lot of dialogue around what’s really happening here. What’s working. What’s not. And why. Scott and Paul have been on the frontlines of many campaigns aiming to build a connection between consumers and brand name medicines that have the potential to greatly improve their health and well-being. They will share an insider’s view that you will find insightful, useful, and perhaps a tad controversial. It will be especially helpful for those pharma marketers looking to make their first marketing investment with a new audience.

Our view from here

The office matters

We traditionally tend to think of working from home as a perk...

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That's just crazy

It’s living proof that the craziest ideas, if acted on, are the ones...

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Welcome to the digital storefront

Creative quality in the digital space has been going downhill...

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Fame for business sake

I spoke recently to a client, who spends most of his marketing time in “B2B Land”...

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This Era's New Growth Engine: RxDTC

Last week I heard a compelling analogy for what we are facing right now...

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